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You deserve a clean and peaceful environment.

Create a life free from
dirt and clutter
Improve your mental
and physical health
Spend less time doing chores

Moving Cleaning

  • Move-In

  • Move-Out Clean

  • Make-Ready

Ask about our Real Estate Agent and Property Managers discount! 

One-Time Fee

Just the Basics Cleaning


Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly

Routine Cleaning to make your life easier. We do it so you don't have to.

Initial/Deep Cleaning required


The Brand New Start


One-Time Fee

  • Home Resets

  • Non-Hazardous Hoards

  • Junk Removal

  • Post Construction


*Prices WILL vary based on size of home, pets, and other unique conditions.
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  • Why should I choose A Brand New Start?
    There are plenty of reasons to choose, and love, A Brand New Start. Our mission is to create a clean and peaceful environment for each client! We are trained professionals with many years of experience and have quality assurance measures in place to provide the highest quality of clean. We hire the best for our company and for YOU! We allow you to choose when and how often we clean so that we fit perfectly into your life and schedule. Cleaning is our passion!
  • How Much Does House Cleaning Service Cost?
    Just like you are unique and have different needs, every house is unique and is priced accordingly. Things that will affect your house cleaning estimate include the size of your home, number of residents, number of pets, number of bathrooms, how often you want our cleaning technicians to clean, etc. We have a standardized formula for calculating each individual cleaning estimate in a uniform way. Packages start at $120.
  • Do I need to provide my own cleaning products?
    We provide all house cleaning products so you never need to worry about replenishing your supply for our cleaning technicians. If you have special house cleaning products you want the cleaning technicians to use, please be sure to discuss this with our manager in advance, so that we can properly instruct the cleaning technicians prior to arrival.
  • Do I have to be home when you clean?
    This is totally up to you. You are not required to be home during a cleaning. Most clients would prefer to come home to a clean home.
  • Can I leave a Key or Code to get in?
    Absolutely. Most clients leave a key in the mailbox, under the mat or in another discreet location. The key is returned to that location upon completion of your appointment unless otherwise specified. Our software provides notes to the cleaning technicians if there is a specific code to enter the house.
  • Is your company insured?
    Yes A Brand new Start LLC is bonded and insured. For any concerns please email
  • Do I need to do anything to prepare for my cleaning?
    De-clutter your home (by clearing counters and tables, putting away toys, clothes and accessories, securing valuables, etc) The less time the cleaners spend decluttering your home before they can actually clean, the better your cleaning experience will be. If this is too overwhelming to do prior, our team will gladly accommodate. Please make that clear when booking. Prices will vary. Please Note: Extreme clutter/Hoarding is considered an exclusion. Performing a walkthrough at the beginning and end of each appointment. This eliminates any gray area, and sets clear expectations for both you and your cleaner. Making sure you indicate any areas you would like cleaners to focus on (or avoid altogether), whether in person or by utilizing the customer notes. Remember, each customer has different expectations. To make sure yours are met, make them clear to your cleaning technicians.
  • What If I Need To Cancel Or Reschedule my cleaning?
    Things in our life change and we certainly understand your schedule may change too. Please give us 24 hours notice to reschedule your appointment or 48 hours if you are needing to cancel your appointment. In some cases emergencies happen and we certainly understand; however, for non emergency cases a cancellation fee of $30 will be implemented.
  • Do you run background checks on your cleaners?
    We run a background check on all cleaners and are pre-screened before ever working on our team.
  • Should I tip my cleaner?
    Tips are accepted and greatly appreciated. 100% of the tips are provided to the cleaning technicians who serviced your house. This is a working relationship and kindness and appreciation will make for a better experience overall.
  • What Should I Do With My Pets During the House Cleaning?
    Please advise us if you have pets and provide any information regarding your pets that would be helpful for us to know. Though not a requirement, we prefer pets to be restricted from the areas we clean, so our cleaning technicians can clean your home better and more efficiently.
  • What If I Accidentally Lock the Cleaning Technicians Out On My Cleaning Day?
    Just as with rescheduling fees, if you lock the cleaning technicians out on house cleaning day, you will likely be assessed a lock-out fee of $30 to help mitigate the cost to come to your home.
  • What services don't you offer?
    Due to safety regulations and insurance policy, we ask that you do not request these items of our cleaning technicians. This list is not limited to these few items. A manager will be contacted to approve any requests that are not on our checklists. Cleaning of Chandeliers Wet Wiping of Light Bulbs Cleaning of Bio-hazards (Mold, etc) Moving Heavy Furniture Animal Waste/Litter/Insects Heavy Scrubbing of Walls High To Reach Areas (More than a 2 step ladder) Washing of Exterior Windows
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